Crown Melbourne Casino Workers Protest Wages weekend

Crown Melbourne Casino Workers Protest Wages weekend

Crown Melbourne casino workers are demanding higher pay plus an additional bonus for overnight weekend shifts.

Crown Melbourne casino workers held a general public demonstration friday evening outside the Melbourne Convention Centre in protest of overnight weekend wages paying similar rate as weekday night shifts.

The United Voice Casino Union has been negotiating with the casino for higher pay for employees whom work 7 pm to 7 am on and Saturday friday. The union is seeking a $3 AUD ($2.31 USD) per hour surcharge for the graveyard shifts.

In addition, the union is also after a five per cent raise for several workers at all hours. Crown offered a 2.75 percent increase but the proposal was refused.

Crown Melbourne compromises two city obstructs and is the largest casino complex in the Southern Hemisphere. The resort is Victoria’s largest single employer with roughly 5,500 employees.

United Voice stated of its protest, ‘We have told the casino that we are serious. Now it’s time to show them. While they think we have been already compensated enough, we realize they are doingn’t make record profits without us.’

Warriors weekend

For now, the union is having a more approach that is civilized to walking off the work in attack. On Friday evening, some 200 protestors proved across the promenade.

The team circled the casino chanting for greater wages and signs that are holding their demands.

As the five per cent all-encompassing raise Read more