Essay composing:Useful links for writing essays

Essay composing:Useful links for writing essays

You need to make sure everything is right: the way it’s written, the use of evidence, and the critical analysis if you want your essay to get the best marks. You will need certainly to redraft and modify work, and also to be sure there are not any small errors that will make it look as if you’ve been careless. This site will enable you to ensure that your essay receives the mark it deserves.

Good design for educational writing

Academic essays should always be written in a style that is formal. Avoid:

  • clichйs (“the flaws in this argument be noticed such as for instance a sore thumb”)
  • contractions (“don’t”, “aren’t”, “it’s”)
  • phrases that sound like speech (“well, this bit is actually fascinating”)
  • subjective information (“this stunning sculpture”)

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