A short bio of how I came to work with media

Short Bio

Currently work full time at "The Future Group". I made my first documentary, "Civilization Redefined" when I was 21. It got a nomination for best short film at the Norwegian documentary film festival. I followed kids living on the streets of Kiev, Ukraine. Most of them lived in the sewer systems, sniffed glue to make time pass, and slept on pipes to keep warm during the cold winter. I also followed two sisters, aged 8 and 13, who both had to live as prostitutes.
The following year I attended film school, but left after that first year. The entrepreneur in me was too eager starting up my own business, and I felt school was delaying that process. Although I started my first company when I was 20, and always have put work before school, my academic list includes film and TV studies from Berklee, BI Norwegian School of Business, Nordic Institute of Stage and Studio, and University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).
Together with a friend, I started a company where we did a lot of commercial photography. We continued expanding into the construction business. Later, I sold my share to him. I continued developing other firms and media-projects and also did a lot of volunteer work. I started a charity, helping children in the Philippines with education. I also worked as, and still are publisher of a nationwide magazine.
After a few years, I got the opportunity to work for Nordisk Film TV, one of the largest production companies in the Nordic countries. After only two weeks as a production coordinator, I started working as a production manager. I often approach organizations with a holistic view. My boss saw this, and she let me try various functions in that company. As production manager, development consultant, line-producer and do research on Web-TV and funding. What I valued most working there, was being able to work so close to the executive producers and department heads. These are very talented people who have been in the business for decades and which I have learned heaps from.
Besides media, I have a strong passion for charity. I have started my own charity organization, and I am also an information consultant for Pym. Pym has Mission and Aid projects in fifty countries. More than ten of their aid projects are supported by Norad.
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